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Make one
machine do the
work of three.

Cut scrappage and concessions to zero. Reduce machine time by up to 80%. Trap errors before the machine even starts. And make parts perfect – first time, every time.


Stabilise your schedules.

With NC-PerfectPart, you eliminate the costly delays of bad parts. And once you know that you can make the same part in the same amount of time, from first to last – you can stick to schedules, and budgets. No hold ups.

Reduce final inspection.

NC-PerfectPart detects errors early on — from condition of supply to machine setup and even post-machining verification. You can catch and resolve errors, before the machine even starts – reducing CMM backlogs and freeing up valuable time.

Cut machine time by 80%.

NC-PerfectPart detects precisely where a part is on the machine bed, and then adjusts the controller to fit. It means you can simplify your fixtures, and reduce production time by up to 80% — vastly increasing capacity and quality.

Reduce part-to-part variation.

With checks completed in seconds, NC-PerfectPart minimises variation across parts.
If the first one’s good, they all are.

Your process, made better.

NC-PerfectPart fits into your current machining process – so there’s no need to redesign anything.
This is 5-axis optimisation, like never before.

NC-PerfectPart: six steps to perfection.

1 Machine benchmark

The machine tool and its probing system are benchmarked using NC-Checker. The probe is correctly calibrated and confirmed in 5-axis. Then the software performs a series of checks, including rotary and linear axis tests, to produce detailed reports. The report summary is the MSP benchmark wheel.

2 Condition of supply

The part is measured to check its condition of supply. If there is too much distortion, or not enough material, the part process can be stopped. After all, there’s no point machining the part when it is already clear it will fail final inspection.

3 Automated alignment

Measurements taken in step 2 are used to calculate the part alignment. The machine controller is then automatically updated to compensate for any discrepancy between the part location and the machining program. All errors due to misalignment are eliminated.

4 Machine the part

The machining program runs at the corrected alignment. The machine tool has been benchmarked as capable of performing to the required tolerances.

5 Post-machine verification

Once the machining’s done, the part is measured again on the machine tool to ensure there are no machining errors before the part leaves the machine. A verification report is produced for traceability within the process, and any subsequent errors can be traced to fixture unclamping.

6 Perfect part

You’ve made a perfect part with no concessions or errors.


If you are an existing customer who requires support with our products, visit our dedicated Support pages here.

What's included with Support Plus?

  • MSP expertise, on demand

Get expert advice and support from a dedicated MSP Applications Engineer. Our support includes one-to-one assistance with everything from queries about your benchmark reports to machining process hints and tips.

  • Upgrade your warranty to unlimited support

Every install is delivered with three months’ warranty support. But when you add Support Plus to your order, you get a whole year of unlimited support. It means you can pick up the phone or send us an email anytime, for detailed support on everything from a failed benchmark to advice on implementation of processes.

  • Annual upgrades

We’re always improving our software with new features and updates. With Support Plus, you’ll get software upgrades every year. And we’ll always give you everything you need to know about our new software releases, to help you decide which version is right for you. With a Support Plus contract, an MSP engineer will be on-site to upgrade and benchmark your machine, and train up to four operators to use the new features.

For more information about how to become a Support Plus customer get in touch with our team.


Simplify the generation of probing programs with NC-Inspect.

For customers using MSP’s NC-PerfectPart software, NC-Inspect is a plugin that simplifies the generation of probing programs from CAD/CAM systems. The plugin shortcuts the process with a point-and-click interface that automatically populates probing programs to drive the NC-PerfectPart software.

There are three versions of the plugin to suit different customer requirements:

NC-Inspect NX

For those who use Siemens NX from V.9 to generate probing programs.

NC-Inspect CATIA

For those who use CATIA from V.5 to generate probing programs.

NC-Inspect MODUS

This is a solution for those with no CAD/CAM system in place, or those who would like to move away from using their existing CAD/CAM system, and enjoy a more simple user experience for generating probing programs.

For more information about NC-Inspect and simplifying the generation of your probing programs, get in touch with our team.

See NC-PerfectPart in action.

How we work.

A phone call

Of course, we can chat by email. But often a phone call is how we get to the heart of your problem: fast, personal, effective.

Machine survey and technical assessment

We’ll check the compatibility of your machines and controllers remotely, to be sure we’re giving you the right solution.

System installation

We’ll install NC-PerfectPart on your machines, and help you get your parts into concession-free production, fast.

Perfect parts

Our customers typically recoup the cost of NC-PerfectPart in days: from there on, it’s perfect parts and improved profits.

About MSP

The future of additive manufacturing.

The factories of the future will have rows of powder-fed boxes whirring away, producing intricate parts effortlessly. But at the moment, it’s a strange mix of space-age part production and stone-age finishing. We’ve seen processes with ill-defined manual stages, imprecise manual work, and poor final overall tolerances. You can eliminate all of these with NC-PerfectPart.

complicated fixtures.

Traditional methods of part fixturing don’t work with additive materials: there are no accurate datum features, and you might need multiple setups.

With NC-PerfectPart, you can simplify fixtures, and make the machine tool do the hard work – because it knows exactly where the part is.

Complex material,
complex problems.

In additive manufacturing, the final shape of a part is often different to the nominal CAD model – and yet the machining paths are generated against the model, rather than the part itself. Add to that the inconsistent material conditions generated by the additive process, and you have a recipe for disaster.

NC-PerfectPart solves this problem: it probes the part, calculates the difference between the CAD model and the reality, and compensates in the controller. Done.

No margin for error.

Additive parts are near net shape, which means there’s absolutely no margin for error. Fixturing accuracy is critical – and expensive, especially for automated part delivery systems. In a manual environment, it's time-consuming. These problems disappear with NC-PerfectPart.

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