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Fine-tune your machine tools with at-a-glance diagnostics and precise calibration. Results? Increased capacity. Reduced inspection. Zero scrappage.


Visual reports for at-a-glance understanding.

With NC-Checker, you’ll see exactly where your machine tools are underperforming.
Our benchmark reports give you all the data you need to pinpoint where the problem is.

Reduce variation across machines.

Compare benchmark reports across machines, and you’ll see why the parts they produce are different.

Improve part quality.

Benchmark reports clearly set out how your machines are underperforming. So your maintenance team can get straight to the heart of the problem and help to improve the parts you make.

Reduce downtime, increase capacity.

NC-Checker shows you what needs fixing, before it’s a critical problem. So you can plan maintenance effectively, cut downtime, and increase capacity. Simple.

Precision maintenance: NC-Checker in detail

Buckle up. Here’s how NC-Checker helps you get a real insight into how your
machine tools are performing.

Spot variability.

NC-Checker's benchmark accurately reports on the movement of the probe tip, to make sure the machine is doing exactly what it has been asked to do.

If you run the machine twice and there’s variability in the benchmark, it means the machine or the probe has changed (everything else – the software and MSP macros – stay the same). Next task? Find out why.

Set a benchmark. Then measure against it.

NC-Checker is a rich comparison tool. If your maintenance team says the machine is fine, and the parts are OK on the CMM, we use this information to set the tolerances and generate a green benchmark.

Then all you need to do is look for any drift away from that green benchmark – as long as you’ve sorted the variability, of course.

Precise maintenance, measurable results.

NC-Checker is a powerful, time-saving tool for maintenance: it tells your team what to look at, and which Renishaw products will sort the problem.

For instance, NC-Checker’s benchmark will show your maintenance team when to take the machine down to use Ballbar, Laser Cal, or kinematic updates of the TRAORI table. And if the benchmark is green, there’s no need to do anything at all: so no more downtime for that routine laser check.

The team can also use NC-Checker to show that the machine has been improved after a maintenance intervention. Benchmark the machine before any work, then again afterwards: it should have improved. And if it hasn't, you know more work is needed, or the part quality from that machine will be affected.

Identify trends, plan your maintenance.

NC-Checker can show benchmark trends – so you know when a machine needs attention, and you can plan preventive maintenance, as opposed to frantically reacting to a red report.

Compare machines, eliminate variations.

Why do certain machines make good parts, and others make bad ones? NC-Checker gives you an answer at a glance. Here’s how.

Every machine has a specific benchmark signature: the non-uniform circle on the benchmark report. Any difference in these signatures across machines shows you precisely where part-to-part variation is coming from. Fix the difference in the machines, and you’ve fixed the variation in the parts.

Automated checks.

Fully automate NC-Checker, and no-one needs to be there to run it. Run the software in quiet periods – overnight, for example. Then get the results emailed to you, and stored centrally in your archive (the PC will need an email client for this). And if an operator is on hand to run the checks, they can take a break while it’s running.


Some aspects of the calibration are manual – like clocking in the sphere, for example. Once you’ve calibrated it, it’s good for 3-6 months and only needs repeating if:

  • You replace the stylus 

  • You change or drop the probe
  • The machine needs mechanical maintenance or parameter adjustments

Take care with the calibration sphere: it’s a scientific instrument and the quality of the calibration will be affected if it gets knocked, dropped or damaged.

At-a-glance results. In-depth reports.

NC-Checker doesn’t just give you the benchmark report. Behind each check is a copious amount of data: interrogate it, and you’ll see where and how an error for any check manifests itself across the machine, for every axis. Maintenance teams can use these reports to create an action plan to fix the machine – or work with your machine tool partners, who will know exactly what to do.

See NC-Checker in action

How we work.

A phone call

Of course, we can chat by email. But often a phone call is how we get to the heart of your problem: fast, personal, effective.

Machine survey and technical assessment

We’ll check the compatibility of your machines and controllers remotely, to be sure we’re giving you the right solution.

System installation

We’ll install NC-Checker on your machines, and work with you to achieve the right machine state for the part tolerances.

Benchmark reports

We’ll show you what the first benchmark report means – and how to recognise when you need to call maintenance, and when to carry on with production.

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