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About MSP

‘There’s got to be another way’, we said.

We saw the same problem in every machine shop, regardless of industry: bad parts, wasted time and money, and lots of stress on the machine floor.

The root of the problem.

It was always the same: the machine tool wasn’t doing what it had been told to do and engineers were trying to manually set up very complex parts, which is a recipe for failure. Even worse, few people knew how to use the probes these machine tools were fitted with.

So we wrote the code that became metrology software products ltd (MSP), and started harnessing the potential of machine tool probes to make true precision engineering possible – down to the last ten microns.

Decades of experience.

We are founded on decades of metrology, calibration and machining experience. We understand probing; not only how to solve part process issues, but also how to develop innovative techniques for error-free production environments.

Our expertise is recognised by industry leaders worldwide. We have established long term relationships with all our customers, based on the success of our products and the genuine benefits they deliver.

MSP is an associate company of global metrology to medical solutions group, Renishaw PLC.

Work at MSP.

We’re always looking for the solution that no one thinks is possible. And we’re always looking for talented people to help us find it. If you love to solve problems with creativity, skill and flair, send us your details and a copy of your CV.

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Our products.


With clear, at-a-glance reports, NC-Checker shows you exactly where your machines are underperforming, and why the parts they make are poor quality.

About NC-Checker


NC-PerfectPart makes precision engineering possible. It measures precisely where the part is on the machine bed, then adjusts the controller setting to account for any deviation. The result? You get perfect parts, reduced inspection, and zero scrappage – from first part to last.

About NC-PerfectPart
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