UCCserver is an MSP software product, sold exclusively by Renishaw Plc with their range of Universal Coordinate Measuring Machine Controllers.

The combination of Renishaw UCC controller and Probe technology with the Industry standard I++ DME provides far greater choice to users.

I++ schematic

UCCserver is an I++ DME Server, conforming to the I++ DME standard.

UCC hardware

UCCserver supports the majority of UCC controllers and probes, including Renscan3, Renscan5 and other touch probe systems.


In 2002, our metrology experts developed ezLink to simplify the connection to the Renishaw UCC controller for CMMs. Around this time the I++ protocol emerged as a generic communications protocol and Renishaw commissioned us to implement this in ezLink resulting in a seamless integration of Renishaw probing onto CMMs controlled by its UCC controller. This removed the need for development of complex driver software by client measuring programs. Time to market for new equipment now took weeks rather than years.

Renishaw recognised the value of this approach for their next generation of CMM heads and probes. The 5-axis REVO® scanning probe, PH20, RTP20 and Surface Finish Probe would be more complex to implement and they identified a possible development barrier.

Renishaw approached MSP to develop UCCserver in 2003, initially offering Touch Trigger and SP25 scanning probe integration. Over the subsequent years, MSP continued the development of the product to the present day, which now provides access to all Renishaw advanced CMM probing systems.

Minimum system requirements

Processor: 800mhz Pentium 3
RAM: 382 mb
Storage: 250 mb
Graphics: On-board
Operating System: Windows

UCCserver benefits



Revo surface finish probe