The machine tool performance check

Establishing the current geometric performance of your machine tool is the first step of any part improvement process. It’s important that your machine is actually capable of producing the part accurately before looking at other factors such as fixturing. We benchmark your machine against the manufacturing tolerances of the part before we do anything else. Based on the result, we advise any necessary machine improvements that are necessary to meet the design criteria.

There are two main reasons why parts aren’t perfect. The simplest explanation is that the part is not correctly fixtured for the machining part program to run accurately. We solve this problem with NC-PartLocator, a module of NC-PerfectPart. The other major reason for part error is the inaccuracy of the machine tools geometric performance. This means the linear and rotary movement operates outside tolerances necessary to manufacture an accurate part. NC-Checker quickly checks your machine tool’s linear and rotary movements and combines the results in one report.

Features & Advantages

Machine signature

Machine signature

Performance at a glance. Every machine has a unique benchmark signature. Deviation from the nominal shape represents machine errors which will manifest themselves on your part.

Fully traceable archive

Fully traceable archive

Comprehensive data reference. All detailed reports are archived against the machine, date and other criteria for full traceability. The benchmark is a summary of these reports.

Machine comparison

Machine comparison

Quickly find geometric variance. Is your machine as good today as it was yesterday? Does machine A differ from machine B? Has temperature affected performance?

Benchmark pass

Trend analysis

Predict need for maintenance. Benchmarks can be overlaid to show geometric drift. Schedule maintenance while the machine is in tolerance to avoid disrupting production with emergency call-outs.

Simple colour-coded results

Colour-coded results

Useful for any level of expertise. Understand your machine in seconds. The green for go and red for no-go clearly displays the machine’s current status.

Simple push-button interface

Push-button interface

Anyone can check machine capability. NC-Checker is designed for operators. Training takes a day. The effortless Go-NoGo interface makes checking your machine easy.

The benchmark report

Benchmark report

Benchmark annotation


Nominal line
If all current values lie on the nominal line the quality metric is 100%.


Any value outside the upper and lower tolerance results in a benchmark failure.


The lower bounded value can be zero or negative towards a lower tolerance.


The result box shows colour code, description, current result, upper and lower tolerances.


Benchmark quality
A quality metric of your machine tool’s performance is shown as a percentage.

NC-Checker runs a series of checks / operations on your machine tool. The data collected from these checks produces a single, easy to understand report that combines the results of your specified machine tolerances. It can then be used to assess your machine in much more detail, or compare it against previous performance.

A benchmark of your machine taken before you start production gives you a reference point to help identify machine issues that could affect it’s performance. Over time this report can also show machine drift, and alert you when it reaches a critical point where maintenance may be required.

NC-Checker’s benchmark reports are critical to your quality process in identifying machine to machine variation, where you would expect two identical machines to deliver the same capability when manufacturing the same part.


Machine tool pass

The machine tool is capable. All NC-Checker diagnostic checks have recorded a value within tolerance. The machine is capable of making parts to the required quality.



Machine tool fail

The machine tool isn’t capable. NC-Checker diagnostics have recorded a value outside acceptable part tolerances. The machine is not capable of making parts to the required quality.



Machine tool trends

Plan your machine tool maintenance. NC-Checker lets you monitor the geometric drift of your machine. Remedial maintenance can be planned, instead of emergency call-outs and costly downtime.



Checking if your machine is capable is the first step to creating perfect parts

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Uniform part quality. Reduce part to part variation

NC-PerfectPart traps errors in machine performance, fixture tolerance build up and other part setup issues. These errors manifest themselves as differences in final inspection. Getting processes under control by removing these errors stops this variation, providing consistency and improved quality.


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