Six steps to manufacture perfect parts

1. Machine benchmark

The machine tool and its probing system are benchmarked using NC-Checker. The probe is correctly calibrated and confirmed in 5-axis. A series of checks are performed, including rotary and linear axis tests, to produce detailed reports. The report summary is the MSP benchmark wheel. Please see NC-Checker for more information.

2. Condition of supply

The part is measured to check its condition of supply. If there is too much distortion, or not enough material, the part process can be stopped. There is no point machining the part when it is already clear it will fail final inspection.

3. Automated alignment

Measurements taken in step 2 are used to calculate the part alignment. The machine controller is then automatically updated to compensate for any discrepancy between the part location and the machining program. All errors due to misalignment are eliminated.

4. Machine the part

The machining program runs at the corrected alignment. The machine tool has been benchmarked as capable of performing to the required tolerances.

5. Post-machine verification

The part is measured again on the machine tool to ensure there are no machining errors before the part leaves the machine. A verification report is produced for traceability within the process. Any subsequent errors can be traced to fixture unclamping.

6. Perfect part

You have made a perfect part with no concessions or errors.



Not only do we understand the reasons for your problems, our engineers have spent many years developing the solution

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Uniform part quality. Reduce part to part variation

NC-PerfectPart traps errors in machine performance, fixture tolerance build up and other part setup issues. These errors manifest themselves as differences in final inspection. Getting processes under control by removing these errors stops this variation, providing consistency and improved quality.

Composite part


The perfect machine. Trust your machine tool

The foundation of NC-PerfectPart technology is understanding your machine tool geometry and probing system. If they cannot be trusted, your ability to produce a perfect part is compromised.


The perfect part. Green to go, red to stop

What an operator needs is a simple automated GO/NO-GO solution. A series of green screens that drive the part process.

However, making a perfect part is also about not creating a bad one. Our system inserts checks into each stage of your process and raises a red stop screen if an error is found.

You have the power to correct the error before proceeding. With NC-PerfectPart you can be confident every part will come off your machine perfectly.

Part alignment

Any part misalignment is displayed for the operator.

The part misalignment is automatically compensated for prior to machining.