MSP and IMS join forces

metrology software products (MSP) and IMS Software have announced a partnership to provide a joint solution providing the benefits of MSP’s advanced probing solutions fully integrated with IMS Software’s IMSpost. Working together MSP and IMS provide a seamless solution supporting all major CAM programming systems on the market today.

MSP are an associate company of global engineering group, Renishaw PLC. MSP develop and supply 5-axis part manufacturing solutions for global aerospace manufacturers. An expert solution provider in this field, MSP also support critical multi million pound defence contracts, such as the F35 Lightening II fighter jet production line for BAE Systems both in the UK and as part of their international partner roll out.

MSP’s award winning NC-PerfectPart system has become a key element in the part production processes of prime aerospace groups around the world. It is the ultimate solution for companies who only want to produce good parts. It eliminates wasted production time, concessions and lost revenue due to high scrap levels.

NC-PerfectPart has attracted national manufacturing awards and multiple BAE Systems Chairman Awards for innovation and its contribution to multi million pound cost savings in its global defence projects.

IMS Software, Inc., founded in 1989, is a recognized leader in providing NC post-processing, verification and simulation solutions and services to companies seeking a competitive advantage in the manufacturing industry. With headquarters in Haverhill, MA., IMS solutions are sold worldwide, addressing the needs of companies of all sizes, primarily in the automotive, aerospace and defense, general manufacturing and machinery, and electromechanical industries.

IMS Software’s IMSpost Professional delivers advanced post processors that translate the output from Computer Aided Machining (CAM) systems to the correct machine tool controller codes that enable NC-PerfectPart to generate the required part alignment information. The IMSpost architecture allows building of bespoke machine tool and controller configurations through its industry-leading architecture based on standard machine tool controls and complex machine tool kinematic models. When combined these create the correct virtual model of machine and control providing risk free delivery of data from CAM to machine tool. IMSpost Professional delivers all the MSP-required inputs automatically reducing programming time and delivering a fully controlled process.

In addition an optional integration with IMSverify provides full graphical simulation of the NC-PerfectPart process in the context of the virtual machine tool environment. IMSverify is fully integrated into the IMSpost Professional architecture and work in conjunction with the IMS adapters that provide the MSP integration.

“IMS is pleased to partner with MSP to deliver a completely integrated solution from CAM system to the machine tool. The combination of IMSpost and NC-PerfectPart deliver a unique solution for part setup, alignment and probing and provides measurable improvements in the machining process.”

Dan Wrenn

President and Co-Founder

IMS Software