MRO blade repair student – Anita

Anita Xin is a PhD student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. We asked her the following questions to find out about her research using NC-PerfectPart.

What are you working on at the moment?
Aerospace component repair is increasing in demand, which is why I am developing an automatic repairing strategy. Compared with the high cost of purchasing new components, the cost of repairing used ones is much cheaper. Potentially, a well repaired component will have a huge commercial value. Due to the various kinds of deformation of the components, multiple repairing processes are needed. Ideally, it should be automatically controlled by a computer with very few manual operations. The process will need to have a quick turn-around time and operate to high precision, working with which ever part is set up.

My PhD research involves developing a manufacturing process to repair advanced aerospace components, which can reconstruct and restore the CAD models for worn aerospace components. The part needs to be machined with high precision and efficiency. My research is in Reverse Engineering (RE). Optimal measurement strategy is inevitable to improve the data collection efficiency and accuracy.

What NC-PerfectPart feature do you find most useful?
I use NC-PerfectPart’s free-form surface measurement feature for my research. It helps to control the probing process, measure the part, transfer the data back to the PC, and give proper analysis for the measured points. In my research, NC-PerfectPart is used to obtain the measurement data and evaluate the measurement result. As long as the CNC machine is reliable, NC-PerfectPart can record all measured points accurately in a readable format. In reverse engineering, the process of remodeling is based on the measurement data – reliable measurement data guarantees a reliable reconstructed model.

How has NC-PerfectPart improved the process of MRO blade repair?
In the process of MRO blade repair, blade alignment is indispensable and should be conducted before measurement and machining. NC-PerfectPart can align the part to a tolerance set by the operator. It is fast and easy to use.

How has working with MSP helped you with your PhD?
Last summer, I visited MSP and took part in an intense training course. The training deepened my understanding of the MRO industry and expedited my research. My supervisor at Hong Kong Polytechnic said, “The manufacturing industry is always propelled by the small enterprises where people have mastered specific areas of advanced technology.” This is why MSP won ‘Best production management system’ at the MWP Awards 2014. It is the best.

“The manufacturing industry is always propelled by the small enterprises where people have mastered specific areas of advanced technology.”


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