Machining rib components

Before NC-PerfectPart

Another tier one supplier for aerospace parts came to MSP with a problem they were having when machining the rib component of the Airbus A330 wings.

The supplier had scrapped several parts due to not being able to accurately locate them during three separate machining cycles.

Their method involved fitting dowels in each end of a gun–drilled bore that went right through the part. The part needed to be rotated from end to end on the machine, aligning the two bores using a DTI. They then had to manually adjust the parts position until they aligned it correctly.

This process was very time consuming and not particularly accurate.

After NC-PerfectPart

MSP knew NC-PerfectPart could create an alignment quickly and accurately, by probing a sphere at each end of the bore. This method worked very effectively, and MSP were able to setup the machining programs to run the probing cycles automatically during the machining.

NC-PerfectPart was to be used for several functions in the machining process:
• Part alignment.
• Alignment verification.
• Bore size and position inspection
• Surface offsets for machining.
• Re-alignment during post clamping changes.

The project was a success and parts were coming off the machine and passing inspection well within tolerance. The checks used in NC-Checker showed that the machine tool was working accurately, giving our customer total confidence in its performance.



The process