Greenpower car project with the duchess high school

metrology software products ltd (MSP) are using their composite and engineering expertise to support their local high school; the Duchess’s Community High School in Alnwick with an exciting new project. The advanced manufacturing company are sponsoring the school’s involvement in the ‘Greenpower IET Formula 24’.

This project, set up by the Greenpower Education Trust, has been running since 1999 to demonstrate the importance of engineering and encourage more students to get involved with the subject. This is now a highly successful event, with over 500 schools and 8000 students from around the UK getting involved. This year the school will enter the race held at Croft Park Circuit in Darlington.

Tony Brown, Commercial Director, said of the sponsorship: “This is such an exciting project and it is an honour for us at MSP to be involved. Our involvement is much more than sponsorship, we want to support the students as much we can and throughout the project our engineers will be available to help with any composite and engineering challenges the school may face”.

The Duchess’s Community High School has competed in the ‘Greenpower IET Formula 24’ for eight years and forms part of the school’s ‘Enrichment Programme’. For this project, the students and school have to design and build a single seated electric car. All competing teams must use a specific motor, set of batteries and stick to a set of strict regulations. This year the school will enter a girls and a boys team, with one team using last years entry and the other using the newly designed car.

To aid the students with this project, MSP are offering their expertise in engineering, electronics and programming. This will involve designing, drawing CAD models and overall engineering support.

Mike Skinner, Design Technology Teacher at the Duchess’s, commented: “Funding from a company like this has really enabled us to push the envelope in terms of the ambitions of the team and to focus on developing a competitive race car that can be built from materials that otherwise would be outside of our budget. It also gives us opportunity to expand the team for the coming season with a view to having an all-female crew which should help to keep the boys crew on their toes!”

“Having an ambitious company like MSP involved right at the initial design stage has been a huge bonus for our Greenpower team. They have the knowledge and expertise in CADCAM that is really helping us to refine and improve our new car chassis design for 2015. The MSP volunteer engineers have been excellent support for us, and have enabled the student team members to really focus on key elements of the chassis design”

Mike Skinner

Duchess’s Design Technology Teacher