BAE Systems saves £21 million using NC-PerfectPart

BAE Systems PLC is the UK’s largest defence and aerospace manufacturer, employing 90,000 people at 200 locations globally. A major contract is the rear fuselage assemblies for the F35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter to US defence giant Lockheed Martin. Challenge The Samlesbury Engineering team are challenged with increasing the F35 production rate to one […]

Replace expensive fixtures

Expensive fixtures By continuing to replace expensive fixtures, you avoid the real underlying issues in your part setup process. Instead of trying to fixture your part in the exact same place, you should be locating your part where ever it is on the machine tool table. This saves you time and money by allowing you […]

Reduce scrap by repairing turbine blades

A method for repairing aero turbine blades has been created to drastically reduce scrap rates during scheduled engine maintenance. metrology software products (MSP) and Hong Kong Polytechnic University have developed a way to fully automate the machine tooling process. By increasing accuracy, this drastically improves what can be achieved within the machining process. At the […]

Machine Tool Capability Checks

NC-Checker can check your machine tool’s capability at the press of a button. Before NC-Checker MSP’s software can be used within the process of buying a machine tool. Once the 5-axis machine tool has been purchased, it is then built and tested or ‘passed off’ in front of the customer. This is to prove the […]

Machine tool diagnostics

Machine tool diagnostics are an essential step when ensuring your machine tool is running at full capability. Completed daily or weekly, these checks ensure your machine tool is running at the tolerances required for accurate parts. Before NC-Checker We were called in by a renowned F1 / Motorsport group after they had experienced a series […]