Aerospace Manufacturing

Before NC-PerfectPart

A multi-national Tier 1 aerospace manufacturer contacted us, as they were struggling with large volumes of high value titanium parts. The parts in question took 7 days machine time and, despite the long machine time, every part had concessions. 25% of these concessions were so bad they had to be scrapped, while the rest were reworked.

The customer had a target of 3 years to manufacture 770 parts. This simply wasn’t achievable using their current process. They looked to MSP for a solution.

Original yield:
• 7 days machine time per part
• 700 to make in 3 years
• 36 hours machining each part
• 100% parts required rework
• 100% parts had concessions

After NC-PerfectPart

After analysing their process, we designed the manufacturer a new process using NC-PerfectPart. This was integrated into the customer’s current process, taking only a few days to install. By automating the part-setup, error could not be caused by manual part set up. The expensive fixtures that attempted to align the part before were replaced with simple fixtures; saving time and allowing NC-PerfectPart to align the part.

By integrating NC-PerfectPart, we eliminated concessions and rework from their process. NC-PerfectPart has since enabled the company to produce well in excess of the required quantity, and within the timescale.

New yield with NC-PerfectPart:
They have produced 1100 parts in 2 years:
• 6 hours on-machine time per part
• 700 made in 2 years
• 4 hours machining each part
• 0 parts need rework
• 0 parts with concessions





The process